Purse lock for locker:

Purse lock, it is activated with a coin and it returns it after its use.

Lock with combination:

Flat lock for lockers with four-digit combination and master key in case some user forgets the password.

Lock for locker with combination:

Lock for lockers with simple three-digit combination.


Lock with padlock for locker:

Lock adapted to incorporate a padlock.

The padlock is not included but it can be supplied if desired.


Lock with key:

Lock with standard key for metallic lockers.

Possibility of a master key.


Legs for lockers:

Optional legs to incorporate any metal locker.

Set of 4 legs to be installed in any block of metallic lockers.

Overlay for lockers:

Optional inclined overlays to incorporate any metallic locker.

It prevents the accumulation of dirt and items can be placed on it; easy cleaning.

Base for lockers:

Bases for metallic lockers manufactured in galvanized sheet.