Manufacturers of lockers and metal furniture.


Setroc is a family business that manufactures all kinds of lockers for changing rooms, schools, colleges, sports centers and lockers specially designed for specific sectors such as laundries, ski, supermarkets, offices, etc.

As manufacturers of lockers, we are oriented to a professional client, which we try to fully adapt, manufacturing according to his needs, design and manufacturing of special lockers for your business.

We are known for the dynamism of our factory, in which we strive for the shortest possible delivery times, in order to reduce the delivery of most of our common products (of which we have a large stock), and special orders especially designed and manufactured.

All this means that we are lockers manufacturers of high quality, with an excellent service and wit very competitive prices.

Punching and cutting:

We take care of all the manufacturing process of the lockers and metal furniture, from the cutting and punching of the metal sheet.

Through this process of punching and cutting sheets, we prepare all the sheets that will be part of the lockers.

Once all these pieces have been cut and punched, we move to the folding phase of them.

Folding phase:

In the folder we shape the necessary folds in the sheet, these folds are done with pinpoint accuracy so that all the pieces are exactly alike.

This process is key and since we are manufacturers of quality lockers, we ensure that everything fits perfectly.


The reassembly can be done in three different finishes:

  • Spot welding: with this system of union, we got a very solid and strong box office.

  • Union aluminium rivets: This system also gives the box office super strength and solidity, and cheapens the product.

  • Dismantled: served in a cardboard box with all parts, instructions planes, screws and required keys for proper installation.  


The welded assembly or some part of the lockers and furniture we manufacture goe through a process of protecting and painted where we apply epoxy polyester, with the desired colour, and then passes through the oven to get a drying at 200 º.

We are manufacturers of lockers and all kinds of metal furniture and therefore we are able to do a variety of colour combinations, so we can create a completely customized product, with colours that appeal to our clients or the corporate colours of each company.

Once the body of the locker or furniture is painted, we put the doors, locks or other accessories and the product is already finished.


Once the locker is ready, it goes through the wrapper carefully; it is well protected so it arrives in perfect condition to our customers.

This type of furniture or lockers, though are products of great strength and robustness, because of its size, can be beaten in transportation; that is why this process of preparation of the order, as manufacturers of lockers of high quality is, for us, one of the other important processes that influence in our final product.

Anyway if any of our products arrives damaged due to shipping to our customers, we replace by one in perfect condition as soon as possible.

After all these steps, it only rests to make the delivery and hope that the delivered product, in which we have put all our efforts, has the highest quality, likes to our customers, and meets all their needs