General characteristics of cupboards to charge laptops and tablets.

Wheeled portable furniture to charge laptops and tablets, ideal for educational centres.

Installation of electrical box, certified and approved by the EC, REGULATION 60439-1 as well as Directive 73/23 EEC and UNE EN 60349-1.

Energy efficiency, illuminated pushbutton for starting command. It prevents the cabinet to be connected unloaded and sequentially loaded. It allows to use the cupboard as a charging place for laptops and tablets. It is attached to a conventional outlet in order to avoid overloads. Programmed cycles of 2 hours; so that, once the cycle is completed and loaded, the equipment on the cupboard stops its electricity waste.

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Characteristics of cupboards to charge laptops and tablets

– Made from cold rolled steel 0.8mm of thickness.

– Soldered by points.

– Epoxy-polyester paint, oven-dried at 230 °.

– Color RAL 7035 series embossed.

– Drilling ventilation, height adjustable shelves.

– 4 wheels – 2 with brake- of 60 mm diameter; Height 100mm motherboard.

– Handles for easy carrying.

– Reinforced hinges, opening 180º.

– 4 Doors espagnolette closure -2 front access to computers and 2 rear access to switchboard.

– Rigged keys, master key option for several cupboards.